Lightweight Scottish Tweed Harrington. – Lord Willy's. Established.

Lightweight Scottish Tweed Harrington.


The Harrington is a classic sporting jacket that can be dressed-up or down.

We've chosen lightweight Scottish tweed, the original sporting cloth, for its natural rain resistant weave.

The result is a surprisingly lightweight piece that keeps you warm when needed but also allows the body to breath. 

Highlights of this piece include:

- Lightweight Scottish tweed.

- 3 season wearability (spring, fall, winter).

- Unique 2 button detailing with signature enamel buttons.

- Button-down shoulder patch.

- Adjustable side tabs.

- Subtle epaulettes.

-Black and white, mini-gingham, contrasting lining. 

- Concealed zip closure.

- Limited edition.

- Available in sizes 38R -44R (runs true to size).

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this piece.