This rather tacky, faux leopard skin bag, is full of two years worth of shrapnel (change) from our pockets. I took it in to TD Bank, who used to have a highly amusing machine for kids that let you guess how much was in your jam jar, piggy bank or in this case make-up bag. If you got it right, you not only got real money, you got a lolly.

Not anymore, I dragged the bloody thing half way around Manhattan only to find out that they had to stop the service due to the fact a New York man brought a class action lawsuit against the bank, alleging that he was short changed by $1.51 when putting $57 worth of coins into the Penny Arcade machines. That case is now in federal court.

So he's an arse and you're in luck! Guess correctly the amount in there and we'll send you the lot, you just pay the shipping! We'll even throw in a lolly.