Lord Willy's Established. Welcome to Interesting Times, an online publication brought to  you by Lord Willy’s, “Makers of fine clothing for interesting people”.  	With the closing of our New York City store at the end of 2020, we  thought you deserved a new place you could “pop-in”. Well that's  exactly the purpose of this site. A place you can visit anytime of the  day or night to get your fix of, what we hope will be, light-hearted,  original, uplifting and stylish content.  	Of course, should you feel the need to purchase a few items of  merchandise whilst doing do so, we certainly won't complain.   	Each month, we will endeavor to find you things of interest and  provide insights into our own inspirations. We'll also publish a new  chapter of our online book “Short stories for interesting people”,  featuring tales from what we like to think was New York City’s most  unique haberdashery.   	This month, you are invited to enjoy Chapter One, “Encounter  with the Underworld”, the story of a rather unusual request from  the neighborhood Capo.  	So please have a look around and read what interests you. Do  please let us know what you think. And if you know any like- minded people who might enjoy the site, please do share, after all,  any publication is only as good as its readers.


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