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Great British Drama. Picture of film crew in front of a broken egg.

My god, the quality of television is good theses days, so whilst this TV guide was meant to bring you great drama from the UK, we simply had to include an incredible show from South Korea this month.  


3 TV shows. Guilt on PBS. Capital also on PBS and Squid on Netflix.

GUILT. Masterpiece/PBS.
Our first show is on PBS. It's called Guilt and is set in Scotland. It's a dark comedy drama which if you've ever enjoyed Fargo, this will be right up your alley. The storyline follows two brothers who accidentally run over and kill a senior citizen on their drive home after a boozy night out. Their attempts to cover up the situation lead on to way bigger issues for them both and make for truly great television. It's a four part series with series two coming out soon. Highly recommended.
CAPITAL. Masterpiece/PBS and Acorn.
This is a very topical drama all set on one street in London. The storyline focuses on the streets escalating property values and the diverse lives that its residents have. A bizarre gorilla marketing campaign makes their stories all the more interesting as they all try to work out if it is just a prank or something much more sinister. 
SQUID GAME. Netflix.
We've only just started watching this, but it's so good that we thought we should include it. The game is part Willy Wonka, part M.C. Esher. Reminds me a little bit of HBO's Westworld, it's really good TV.


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