I think it's safe to say, THE FUTURE has ARRIVED. – Lord Willy's. Established.

Image of new dawn. Copy reads:   Our cars may not be flying, but they are electric.   We have computers on our wrists, in our pockets and in our toasters.  Billionaires are planning vacations in space and we can now work from anywhere, at any time.  As we continue to emerge from one of the most unprecedented periods in human history, it has  brought one question into focus for all of us; do we want to be a part of yesterday or tomorrow?  As globally respected purveyors of traditionally-made bespoke men's suiting, our own decision may  come as some surprise.  That's because we think the opportunity to reimagine the Lord Willy's brand is just too good to miss.  It’s an opportunity to evolve our products for the new ways in which we will all live, work and dress  from here on.  And so, at the beginning of 2020, we took ourselves away from the life and the craft in which we had  thrived in for so many years and immersed ourselves in what we believe is the future.  What you will experience from the new and evolved Lord Willy's collections, is our extensive tailoring  expertise brought to everyday wardrobe essentials. All of course, delivered with our own unique style,  taste and the kind of attention to detail that you have come to expect of us.  See you tomorrow.  Mr. & Mrs. Wilcox.