Hormuz Island, IRAN. – Lord Willy's. Established.

Village seen from ocean point of view.

It might be a little time until we are all exploring the globe again, so I thought I'd take you on an "visual vacation" and start with these colorful "rammed earth" domes that have been designed by ZAV Architects and can be found on the Iranian Island of Hormuz, a formerly glorious port in the strategic Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. 
Aerial shot of village and side view.
The Island has outstanding, colorful, surreal landscapes and it's those colors that are so beautifully reflected on-and-in the domes.
The structures accommodate a variety of programs, with a majority of them providing living accommodation, whilst others contain communal areas, an on-site cafe and now a tourist information area.

 Three brightly colored room interiors.

The result, as I think you'll agree, is an incredible complex that has somehow managed to combine nature with groovy.
I'd like to thank and credit these stunning photographs to Tahmineh Monzavi who kindly allowed me to share them with you. She is an incredible, award winning photographer living and working in Iran.  Her body of work is thought provoking, powerful and beautiful. It tells stories like words never could. I highly recommend that you take a look at her website

4 circle logo's in different colors.