Anyone who believes that must surely work in a laundry?

It’s not easy to be an originator in classic shirting, but way back in 2005 when we first opened Lord Willy’s, we had a brainwave that truly embraced our design philosophy to a tee.

Classic English shirting – with playful colored buttons. So simple – and yet, so powerful.

The shirts, made by our own tailors, using English, Swiss and Italian fabrics, featuring our Signature 3 button Cuff, a Classic Spread Collar and cut slim instantly became a recognizable symbol of the brand and its wearer’s own unique sense of style.

Many have tried to copy us (big and small), but as they say, “if imitation is the highest form of flattery”, we’re truly flattered. Thank you (you know who you are).

A Lord Willy's shirt is now available in custom and ready-to-wear, business and weekend cut (in-store and online) and should be laundered accordingly.

No appointment necessary for custom shirting.