MOCHA Padded Moleskin Peacoat. – Lord Willy's. Established.

MOCHA Padded Moleskin Peacoat.


With its origins in first the Dutch and then the British Navies, this sturdy classic has been protecting its wearer from the elements since the 1800's.

Tailored in a luxuriously rich 24oz, Mocha Moleskin by the British mill, Brisbane Moss and features a padded teal lining for extra warmth.

Cropped shorter than a traditional overcoat for a more sporting look, this coat is as burly as it is handsome and can be dressed up or down. Double breasted for extra warmth when needed, fully lined and an oversized lapel that can be popped-up to create a wind barrier. Features an elegant back belt to accentuate the tailored aspect of the piece. Brown horn buttons.

Available in sizes 38R - 42R.

Just 4 left.

Cut to fit large sweater or a jacket underneath. 

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